My name is Simisola Falaiye and I am the founder and creator of Qiesso skin care and cosmetics.

I am a mother of two awesome boys and an adorable girl.  A wife to an amazing man. 

My passion for wellbeing and cozy love of nature has propelled me to make handmade skincare products that works.

My grandma told me never to put anything I couldn’t eat on my skin. She says “ if it’s good for your stomach… then it’s good for your skin.” 🤣🤣

I'm committed to creating skincare products  that feeds your skin with it’s nourishing and healing qualities.I really love what I do! Do you?

My goal is to create a space where women can live in luxury without compromising on the quality of their skincare. provide a safe, organic handmade skincare and cosmetics products with ingredients that everyone can pronounce and understand.




NATURAL INGREDIENTS ; All our products are handmade from scratch to finish with high quality ingredients that are organic and skin safe.


Providing you with delightful bath and body treats is our number 1 mission. And we are proud to be vegan and cruelty-free.


Every time we make and pack your order, we give it our 100% and we will never sacrifice our quality.


All products are made freshly with ingredients you can pronounce and understand.


We understand life gets busy sometimes, we are here to constantly remind you to slow down and always put YOU first without any regrets.